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Semi-Privacy PVC Fence Brisbane

One of the popular offerings from PVC Fencing Brisbane is our semi-privacy PVC fences. This is also a vinyl fence type, and the reason why these fences are popular among homeowners is that it combines the characteristics of PVC picket fences and full privacy PVC fences and offers the best of both worlds. For instance, the height of a semi-privacy PVC fence will be very similar to that of a full privacy PVC fencing option, whereas the spacing between its panels can be less wide to make your space look and feel airy and relatively open.

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Easy Maintenance

As a type of vinyl fence, semi-privacy PVC fences are easy to maintain. The surface of your PVC fence will be smooth, and its non-porous nature keeps in rot-, warp-, and shiver-free for decades to come. To get rid of all the dust and dirt that accumulate on the fence over time, you just need to use soap and water to wash off, and you will have your fence looking as good as new. This minimal and easy maintenance required by semi-privacy PVC fences makes them a highly preferred fencing option.

Elegant and Functional

All of the fencing options you get from PVC Fencing Brisbane are elegant and functional in their own right, and this includes our semi-privacy fences as well. You can choose the height of your white PVC fence and many of its other features to make sure that it reaches your desired look and outcome.


Bordering Made Easy

Semi-privacy fencing from PVC Fencing Brisbane is the right solution for those of you looking to establish a border between your and your neighbours’ properties. With its spacing style, this type of vinyl fencing also allows you to enjoy privacy and security without compromising on airflow and visibility.

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